The Agordina basin
Agordino (Ufficio Turistico di Agordo)

The basin of Agordo is a natural amphitheater surrounded by the Dolomites inscripted in the World Heritage List of UNESCO from 2009: Civetta-Moiazza mountains , San Sebastiano-Tamer-Moschesìn mountains, Monti del Sole-Ferùch, Agnér-Croda Granda and Pale di San Lucano mountains.

This feature makes it a place ideal for hiking and climbing, without over tourism. The Great Beauty of this places is indeed still unchanged and in some cases, like the valley of San Lucano, represents an unspoiled treasure chest of wild nature.  The history of Agordo area, where is located the famous geo-mining school, is linked to the mining activity of Imperina valley on which the basin economy was based for centuries, promoting the construction of an important outstanding architecture such as Crotta-de ’Manzoni palace. The garden in the middle of the square of Agordo, named “Broi”, is the ideal observatory for the surrounding peaks and the perfect location for popular events. The Storytelling of these mountains is very passionate and Agordo is an important town for alpinism. Here was founded more than 150 years ago one of the first Alpine Club sections in Italy.

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