The true love story between pope Giovanni Paolo II and Cadore valley
Lungo i sentieri percorsi dai papi(PH  Eder)

1978 is called the year of the three Popes for the death of Paul VI, the very short pontificate of John Paul I, The Pope of Belluno, which lasted only thirty-three days, and the election to the papal throne of John Paul II, a Pope who changed the History of the World. Pope Wojtyla was accustomed to summer climbing in his beloved mountain Tatra, in Poland, to winter skiing and kayaking on rough rivers, how could he adapt to the sultry climate in Gandolfo Castle?  Every particular makes us think that the Holy Father’s entourage immediately started to look for a mountain place where it could spent a few days of rest in the fresh and natural wonderful surroundings. Thus, in that period, six indispensable conditions emerged to be able to find a suitable place to offer the Pope a few days of invigorating rest. First condition: the site must have located in the middle of the woods; second: there had to be easy access to the mountain paths; third: outside inhabited areas; fourth: the host structure was to be private, preferably religious; fifth: modest accommodation without luxury; last: there must also be structures suitable for hosting the whole suite.

It was not easy, therefore, to find a suitable location that met all the above requirements. One summer evening, in 1985, the Bishop of Belluno-Feltre, Mons. Maffeo Ducoli contemplated a phantasmagoric sunset from the rectory of Costalta, where he was staying for rest, as often happens up here in these fantastic mountains. The prelate thought to himself: “Why not bring the Pope here?” But where could you stay? The six conditions immediately came to mind; there was no other place than the Mirabello house, owned by the Bishop of Treviso, Mons. Antonio Mistrorigo. Bishop Ducoli decided to go immediately to Lorenzago to propose his idea to his brother Mistrorigo. The Bishop of Treviso. And so the Pope fell in love with municipalities, Mel and Miane, following the donation of the Castle and Zumelle County to the bishop of Belluno by Sofia Da Camino, countess of Colfosco. From 1177, the year of the donation, there were numerous quarrels and mediation attempts between the locals. However, all negotiations failed until 1838, the year in which an agreement was reached by establishing the Pont de Val d’Arch as the border between the municipalities of Mel (province of Belluno) and Miane (province of Treviso).

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