The wind in your hands... or better in your sails
Lago di Santa Croce (PH Dolada Images)

Thanks to its thermal wind, created by the heating of the surrounding mountains, Santa Croce Lake is the ideal place to practice kitesurfing.

In this sport is used a kite tied to a board and by exploiting the force of the wind you can glide over the water and make incredible evolutions in the air, surrounded by the wonderful skyline of the Belluno Pre-Alps.
This particular windy weather allows safe practice and easy learning, also through the experience of the teachers in the various schools on Farra beach, who offer courses at various levels.

By ensuring a horizontal flow from south to north with high stability, both in intensity and direction, you can have fun almost all year round but we recommend the months of March, April and May. In fact, these special windy conditions induce many kiters from abroad to prefer Alpago, where even in the hottest months you can find very good days, especially in muggy seasons, after a storm that cools the air. The chances of finding wind, however, begin to grow again in the months after the summer: in September and October it is possible to go out with good frequency.

During the summer it is possible to practice many activities including walking or cycling along the lake or explore the mountains that frame it for excursions to discover the fantastic natural landscape or the local cuisine. For those who prefer to relax it is recommended to sit on the side of the beach dedicated to swimmers, with a playground for the little ones and enjoy the afternoon wind that facilitates sunbathing ... but remember to keep your hat firmly in place.

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