Val Comelico
Comelico, Dolomiti (Consorzio turistico Val Comelico Dolomiti, PH  Luciano Gaudenzio)

Legend has it that the celestial beauty of the Val Comelico mountains and forests in the heart of the Dolomites is magical: to beautify the valley its ancient forest creatures wove a shining cloak out of moon dust in a single night over all its rocks and trees. Thus every time nature reawakens in spring and burgeons in summer, this strange wizardry is repeated and visitors are treated to breath-taking panoramas and vistas taking in mountains and forests sparkling with a special, opalescent, moon-like light. There are still today those who swear that they have seen the legendary Anguane wood nymphs dancing in the full moon, as painted by Titian, Cadore’s most famous son. Its views, and that enchanted atmosphere, are undoubtedly the most beautiful gift nature and the Val Comelico mountains have to offer visitors, always.
Danta, Comelico Superiore, San Nicolò, San Pietro, Santo Stefano: villages united by the ancient profile of these moon coloured mountains give those staying here an all-encompassing nature experience made up of sun, forests, history and legends which can be explored on one-of-a-kind footpaths and tracks.

For lovers of sport, the outdoors, the natural world and the pristine beauties of the Dolomites, a Val Comelico holiday is truly an extraordinary experience: walks for all ages, on level ground and climbs, mountain bike or horse riding itineraries through the woods and along geological paths, themed outings through nature, art and culture on foot as well as Nordic walking and Vie Ferrate in the Popera massif such as Cima Bagni, Cima Undici, Croda Rossa and Vallon Popera and the border ridge with Austria at Mt Cavallino and Peralba.

It is a nature to experience to the full like a warm embrace in one of the most beautiful areas of the Venice mountains, where local food specialities, mountain dairies and huts, traditional and sporting events meld into a uniquely enchanting holiday. 

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