Val di Zoldo
Dolomiti (Consorzio Val di Zoldo Turismo, PH Tommaso Forin)

Val di Zoldo, surrounded by Pelmo and Civetta, keeps within it suggestive views, both natural and architectural.

In fact there are many small villages that make the Valley special. Among the most enchanting we find Coi and Fornesighe. They’re like treasure chests that reveals, when discovered, unexpected views, small peculiar churches and Tabià. Typical of the Belluno Dolomites, Tabià are buildings made of stone and wood. In the past they were used by the locals mainly as barn, stable and sometimes even home. Nowadays, after being restored, most of them are beautiful houses which, thanks to their distinguishing old fashioned features, could be seen as an example of the passage of time.

Visiting Coi sometimes a friendly owner allows a peek inside one of these typical buildings, so you can admire an authentic Fornel, the stove used to warm up the whole house, the Fumer, a whole in the ceiling used to drop the hay from the hayloft to the cowshed and the Fogher, a special fireplace where families used to meet in the evening to share stories and spend some good time together. Enclosed by the majesty of Mount Pelmo, that watch over Coi, while you walk among Tabiai and fountains you’re raped by the view of Casa Rizzardini, an historic building that stands out for its architecture, the frescoes on its facade and its history which connects the Val di Zoldo to Venice. From the Mountains to the Lagoon is another tale that deserves to be heard, for this we’re waiting for you in our Valley!

In Fornesighe, among narrow and intricate alleys, you can taste the charm due to the combination of wood and stone, blended together to create geometries which looks like a piece of art. Architectural beauties that have never been destroyed by fire, for this reason the village has maintained some Tabià and an urban plan dated back to the 17th century or even older..such a rarity! Fornesighe, together with Cibiana and Zoppè di Cadore is part of the Mountaineering Villages.

These are the symbol of the mountain tourism focused on preserving the nature and respecting the traditions and the culture of the of the places. Through the excellence of the landscape, the respect for the environment and the rejection of invasive infrastructure, they would like to offer a special welcome to genuine mountain lovers.

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