Where holidays are always a gift
Comelico, Dolomiti (Consorzio turistico Val Comelico Dolomiti, PH  Luciano Gaudenzio)

Hospitality is always a two-way gift. It is no coincidence that in ancient times a lasting bond between people was created in this way. And this is the profound, ancient and familiar meaning of hospitality for the people of the Comelico valley, still today. In the pristine beauties of the forests in the heart of the Dolomites right across the valley, from Danta through Comelico Superiore, San Nicolò and San Pietro to Santo Stefano, the welcome given to visitors is truly one-of-a-kind. Some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, on the Veneto-South Tyrol-Austria border, just a stone’s throw from Venice, the Comelico valley offers made to measure holidays for families all year round.

With a network of tourist facilities, hotels, holiday homes, B&Bs, restaurants and farm holiday hotels always available, yours will be an exclusive holiday, a home from home, a place for sport, relaxation, nature, food and wine and fun in total freedom and safety.

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