In the site of Casteldardo has survived just a signal tower, whose foundation probably dates back to Roman times and that in Middle Ages was included in the larger structure of a castle narrated in ancient legends.

This ancient fortress had an important defensive role throughout the history of the area and there were many disputes and invasions for its possession.

The emblem of the town of Trichiana remembers this historic building depicting the castle with three towers and the bridge over the Ardo stream just behind the tower that you can still see today.


This manor was scene of great battles, fought for its unique and strategic position between Belluno and Treviso. The memory of these battles is preserved in a famous fragment in vernacular tongue that narrates a battle in 1193 between the two armies.

Composed in the late twelfth century, this fragment handed down the events that saw Belluno allied with Feltre, against Treviso winning the battle that allowed the city to conquer this land. To the castle is also linked the legendary figure of Atleta, the beautiful daughter of Earl Tichiero di Casteldardo, of who fell in love Murcimiro, Earl of Zumelle.


The tower can be seen from the outside and is visible from the road connecting Trichiana and Mel.

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