Castle of Castelnuovo

The castle is located along the ancient stretch of road on the right bank of the Piave river, near the town of Quero, in the direction of Feltre.

The road passes right under the main building with a large arch that once ended with two doors and two drawbridges and is till flanked by two massive towers of different heights.

The castle was bombed in 1917 during the Great War and in 1924 it was acquired by the Somaschi Fathers that still runs it toady as a House of Prayer and Religious Center.

Castelnuovo has lost over the centuries its original furnishings and today features non-original floors because the entire building was renovated in the seventies of the 20th century.

The towers are articulated on several floors; the tower located on the side of the mountain has five flight of stairs, while the tower facing the river has 4 staircases.

The castle is open to public and is easily reachable along the old “Feltrina” road which is just past the village of Quero, near the train station of Quero-Vas.



The current castle, situated right on the bank of the river, was built in 1376 by Jacopo Crivelli, capitan of the Republic of Venice, on the ruins of and old and crumbling fort already existing in Roman or Longobardic times.

The structure has always been an important point of contact between the Valley of Belluno and the Treviso area due to its strategic position, used as a defensive stronghold and control point of the traffic along the Piave river.

The castle was outsourced to trusted families. The most famous castellan was Girolamo Miani who was noted for his strong defense of the manor in 1511 and of the Republic of Venice, and was taken prisoner by the imperial armies of Maximilian of Austria. As legend has it, Miani was released thanks to the miraculous intercession of the Virgin Mary and founded the religious congregation of the Somaschi Fathers.


 The castle is open to public and can be seen both outside and inside.

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