Andraz Castle Museum

Inside the Andraz Castle, a fortress located in the municipality of Livinallongo del Col di Lana, it has been created a real museum that illustrates and describes the architectural appearance of the fortress and its history.

A recent restoration has made it possible to visit the castle and some interesting historic documentation accompanied by illustrations that tell the story of the fortress and of the characters who inhabited it, like the famous Cardinal Nicolò  Cusano, to whom it is dedicated a particular section.

Some pictures also describe the architecture of the castle and the various transformations suffered over the years due to fires and bombings or interventions by the bishops that lived there. You can also see how the fort looked entirely thanks to some plastic that reconstruct the project of the castle and the town walls.

There are, finally, some archaeological finds that have been discovered inside the fortress and the written and visual testimonies of ironworking that interested for a long time the area of alto agordino.

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