Cidolo and timber museum

The exhibition focuses on the theme of the timber trade, its transport and processing, one of the main activities of  Cadore.

The Cidolo and timber museum is located in Perarolo di Cadore within the picturesque setting of Palazzo Lazzaris-Costantini, a nineteenth-century villa that once belonged to noble families of timber merchants. The exhibition focuses on the theme of the timber trade, transport and its processing, which until the nineteenth has been one of the main activities of Cadore.

The timber market took a large crowd of men in the area, engaged in cutting timber, transportation of logs and Venetian sawmill located in various places along the Piave River.
Important sites, located along the Piave, were undoubtedly the cidoli, ie the artificial barriers built specifically to allow water to pass but block the rafting of logs. And it is precisely in Perarolo di Cadore where one of these barriers was placed: near the Cidolo, the wood was processed in the sawmill before being assembled by skilled rafters of Codissago and continue their journey to the Venice lagoon.

This interesting museum actually keeps inside, in addition to the famous Cidolo miniature, various equipment used by lumberjacks and rafters, accompanied by illustrations and explanatory texts for a complete understanding. Not missing some descriptive documents on the timber market and a map where the distances covered by rafts to reach the lagoon city are plotted.

A multimedia area, finally, allows to see a movie on the work that the menadas, men engaged in float logs along the Piave, held near the Cidolo.

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