“Valentino Del Fabbro” Museum – Tools and objects from the past

 The museum displays a collection of tools related to the trades of the past, collected by the founder over the years:tools for haymaking, blacksmith's and stone cutter's working tools.

The tools and objects of the past displayed in the ethnographical collection of Fioretto Bortot were collected with passion and the desire to gather together the material evidences of the history of the peasants and artisans from the Valley of Belluno and neighboring valleys, between the end of the '800 and the first half of the twentieth century.

In the exhibition of Cavarzano (municipality of Belluno) you can find working tools and household items found in landfills and attics where they had been thrown away or put aside, considered as useless objects.

The aim of the museum is not to display ancient or curious pieces but to make visitors discover the numerous objects that were present in mens life as gallows for manure, hay rakes, hoe to weed, the spinning foot, the hand-loom, the copper pot, casseroles in aluminum, candle holders and so on. Almost 3,000 objects are displayed.
Particulary rich and interesting are the sections that illustrate craft activities, such as the one dedicated to the carpenter's workshop where you can see a collection of planers for different uses, or the shoemaker's workshop with a table with hammers, nails, jugs and awls.

The is also a guide for visitors or Fioretto Bortot, guides individual visitors, classes and groups.

Outside there is a large roofing under which are places bulkier artifacts, such as farm wagons, plows, machines for the sowing of wheat and beans and wheelbarrows.

Opening days and accessibility

 Opening hours:

- only by reservation


Via Sperti, 2
32100 Belluno loc. Cavarzano

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