Mario Rimoldi Museum of modern art

The Museum of modern art, dedicated to the wealthy art collector Mario Rimoldi, is a valuable museum of Cortina d'Ampezzo run by the Regole d'Ampezzo.
Located in the historic centre of the Queen of the Dolomites, the museum was inaugurated in 1974 when the wife of Rimoldi, Rosa Braun, following his death, decided to donate the internal art collection to the Regole, so that the public could benefit from this great wealth.

The valuable collection of works of art includes many prestigious paintings belonging to Italian art (and not only) of the '900, that the avid collector began acquiring from about 1930, also thanks to a tight circle of friends that led him to travel  in Italy and abroad.

At the beginning the heritage of Rimoldi consisted of works of de Pisis (great friend and lead author of paintings collected by Rimoldi), Morandi, Semeghini, Campigli, Rosai, Sironi, Garbari, Severini, Tosi and Guidi.
Over time, the Rimoldi collector was also interested in figurative art and pictures depicting Veneto environment, to go up to new creative movements that developed also outside this territory.

The museum is divided into eight sections, which host the majority of the works included in the rich Rimoldi collection, while some works are for special occasions, and museum exhibits.
In the permanent collection stand out the Church of Cortina and the French soldier of de Pisis, the Bathers of Savino, the Squero of San Travaso of Semeghini, The sulfur mine of Guttuso, the San Sebastian of Garbari, the île de charmes of Savinio and the Concert of Campigli.

Not to forget the interesting portraits of Mario Rimoldi by Renato Balsamo's, and of his wife by Campigli and Sironi.

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