Regianini Museum

The museum, dedicated to the Milan painter, sculptor and graphic artist, Luigi Regianini created in 2004 at the headquarters of the former post office by the Regola di Costalissoio.
An exhibition of works from contemporary art, donated by the artist himself who has always been deeply linked to the Dolomitic area, the his mother's birthplace.

The exhibition is mainly divided into three sections: the first one, entitled Local Art, is dedicated to the works that illustrate the legends, the story, the characters of Costalissoio; the second one follows the bleakest and particular subject of Horror Art,  while the last one is dedicated to the theme of Harmony Art, where fantasy and dream are the main characters.

A beautiful tribute to contemporary art and to Luigi Regiani's eclectic personality.

Aperto/a al pubblico

Via Garibaldi, 15
32045 loc. Costalissoio

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