Paleontological Museum Roots of life

The museum The roots of life of Danta di Cadore, founded in 2008 thanks to the cooperation of Bruno Berti, Venetian naturalist and the  Ligabue Studies and Researches Centre of Venice, is a prestigious collection of archaeological finds from all over the world.

The precious palaeontological collection includes exhibits of animal and plant fossils dating back to a period between the formation of the earliest forms of life and the Stone Age: the traces left by the rain on a sandstone sample of 280 million years ago and multicellular organisms of the Proterozoic and the Devonian to the skull of a dinosaur and a cave bear.

Among the finds deserves a special mention the fossil of a baby dinosaur Psittacosaurus dating back to the era of the Cretaceous in Asia. The puppy's body measures about 2 meters and has shorter front legs. Probably injured by a predator, the small dinosaur died without being found and covered with river sediments that have allowed a perfect preservation.

The exhibition The roots of life is especially recommended for school groups: a very interesting opportunity to deepen the teaching of prehistory.

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