War Museums

“Eugenio Secco” Photographic Museum of the Great War Seren del Grappa The photographic museum displays photos of the municipalities around Mount Grappa during the Great War. “Vincenzo Colognese” Piave Museum Quero Vas The Piave Museum was founded to make visitors discover the events of the Great War in particular related to the Piave river Civic - Historical Museum Civic - Historical Museum Alano di Piave The civic-historic museum exhibits remains of World War I and World War II found in the area, along with a section dedicated to emigration and the work in mines. Historical Museum of the 7th Alpine Troops Regiment Sedico The museums houses many relics of the 7th Regiment history, starting from its origins in 1887 until today featuring documents, photos, weapons and memorabilia. Historical Museum of the Great War at Tre Sassi Fort The thematic museum preserves inside some war relics of the Great War and traces the history of Italian and Austrian soldiers who fought here Messner Mountain Museum Dolomites Messner Mountain Museum Dolomites Also known as the "Museum in the Clouds", as it is situated on top of Mount Rite and dedicated to the history and art of the Dolomites, it is one of the most impressive museums in the Dolomites Museum of the Great War 1915-1918 Tambre The Museum consists of two sections dedicated to the Great War and Second World War Museum of the Great War in Marmolada Museum of the Great War in Marmolada An interesting exhibition of memorabilia and evidences found in the Marmolada, located in the rope way station of Serauta, easily accessible by cable car
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