Civic - Historical Museum

 The permanent exhibition of the civic-historical museum displays local findings of the Great War and of World War II, along with a section dedicated to emigration and to work in mines.

A part of the collection describes the lives of the so-called “recovering” that collected what war had left in large quantities in their territories as “noble materials” such as lead, brass and copper which were temporary stacked in storage places and then sold.

The museum consists of five exhibition rooms that show some of the events of World War I in chronological order.

The first room contains a model of the area and some photographs. In the showcases are displayed tools used to open the communication lines in the areas battle areas.
Continuing along the exhibition path, a section is dedicated to the everyday objects in the trenches. A pair of showcases contain helmets which is the beginning of the section dedicated to arms, both “cold arms” (swords, bayonets, daggers etc.) that fire-arms.

Two multimedia sections show the images of the war saw both on the Italian side and of the Austrians.
The last room offers a set of photos and documents that date back to the years between 1915 and 1918.

All the artifacts in the museum come from deposits and donations from private collectors who gathered in a voluntary association (Friend of the Museum Association), run the museum, ensuring the opening, maintenance, activities and growth.

The museum can be the starting point for trips to these significant battlefields.

Opening days and accessibility

 Opening hours:

- Sundays from 3 pm to 7 pm;
- the other days only by reservation for school groups and groups



Via don Nilo Mondin, 1
32031 Alano di Piave loc. loc. Campo

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