Museum of the Great War in Marmolada

This thematic museum about the First World War is an interesting exhibition of memorabilia and evidences found in the Marmolada. Located in the rope way station Serauta, it is easily accessible by cable car from Malga Ciapela, Rocca Pietore.

The Museum is a rich container of exhibits, photographs and testimonies that have affected this particular area between 1915 and 1917, theatre of war for Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers.
The Marmolada, the highest peak in the Dolomites, was in fact the venue of countless battles between Italian troops and the Austrian enemy and among its inaccessible peaks and the famous glacier were built numerous shelters, trenches and fortified cities.

The glacier represented a strategic position: real caves were dug, warehouses, dormitories, kitchens and military positions so that it became known as the "City of Ice".

The museum, built at the foot of the glacier and at the arrival of one of the sections of the cable car Serauta, collects numerous artefacts, photographs, documents and clothes, skiing and tools used by soldiers during their stay in the big mountain. There are also some documents and relevance historical maps.
At the centre of the exhibition hall it is also possible to observe a reconstruction of the "City of Ice" designed by the Austrian Engineer Leo Handl.

During Summer it is possible to visit the immediate environment of the museum: the war theatre in the Monumental area of ​​Punta Serauta, where there are military positions and trenches of the Italian war front.

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