Ardo stream Canyon

The Ardo stream's source basin lies at the foot of Mount Schiara, in the heart of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park (province of Belluno) and flows into the Piave river in Borgo Piave, at the foot of the rocky outcrop on which was built the city center. Along its course there are spectacular gorges, very interesting in terms of nature and landscape.

The Ardo's gorges create a particularly amazing and complex environment; it is a canyon carved over the centuries by the waters of the stream and you can reach it descending from Bolzano Bellunese and Case Bortot, localities near Belluno, along a steep downhill stretch. Along the stream you can admire particular bird species like dipper and grey wagtail. Inside the gorges the owl nests while in the upper part of the river, one of the most interesting species is the Alpine salamander.

It is a spectacular place a few kilometers long and it was inhabited and exploited by man up to the first decades of the twentieth century, as in the case of the Corontola mill that you can reach from Bolzano Bellunese, now abandoned. Other interesting sites are those of Pont de la Mortis, a bridge from which you can admire an incredible view over the gorges of Bus del Buson, the latter particularly popular because in recent years many archaeological excavations have brought to light interesting finds, some of which are on display in the Civic Museum of Belluno.

Descending towards Belluno, you will enter the town of Fisterre from which started a long “roggia”. This artificial canal ran parallel to the Ardo stream and gave power to the many water wheels of many mills, sawmills, tanneries, hammers, forges and workshops that were present until the sixties of the twentieth century in this area and that you can still see following the path along the stream until Borgo Pra and Borgo Piave where the stream flows into the Piave river.

Opening days and accessibility

You can reach the Ardo stream Canyon from various locations north of Belluno: Cavarzano, Sopracroda, Bolzano Bellunese and Case Bortot.

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