Lake Santa Croce

Lake Santa Croce, the largest lake in the province of Belluno and the second of the Veneto region, was created by a landslide that closed Valley Lapisina blocking the descent of the Piave river towards Vittorio Veneto and creating the Sella della Fadalto. For the effect of air currents passing through the narrow area of Fadalto increasing their speed, it is one of the windiest places of the province of Belluno. For this peculiarity, it is the perfect destination for windsurf, kite surf and sailing lovers.

Throughout all year, but especially in summer, you can see from the beach large, colorful sails in the blue water at the foot of the Alpago basin surrounded by mountains and woods, which annually attracts, from all Europe, lovers of these sports that combine water and wind and thrilling experiences. Lake Santa Croce also hosts some races and gives you the opportunity to try these adventure sports.

On the shores of the lake, there is the Sbarai Oasis that stretches over 30 hectares in the municipality of Farra d'Alpago and is one of the major natural sites in the province of Belluno. It is a vast wetland with many different environments, related to changes in water level of the lake.

This is the ideal habitat for wintering of many species of birds such as little grebe, lapwing, reed warbler, sedge warbler, grey heron and stork. You can easily reach the oasis along a flat path, where you can admire, among others, splendid specimens of monumental white willows and where you can practice birdwatching.

In the “Baia delle Sirene” (Mermaids Bay), in the locality of Santa Croce, along the south side of the lake, was realized an ichthyogenic experimental centre to redevelop the area and encourage the fish production of the basin with the most valuable and characteristic species like whitefish, pike and trout, which were endangered.

The new structure was set up perfectly according to the surrounding environment and it is a magnificent and scenic location to admire the beauty of Lake Santa Croce and the entire Alpago basin. The Centre has two floors and was built in wood and cement with the addition of large windows that look out directly on the lake.


Since 1995 the five municipalities of Alpago with the “Alpago 2 ruote e solidarietà”Committee (Alpago two wheels and solidarity association) organizes every August the famous “Giro del Lago di Santa Croce” (Tour of Lake Santa Croce), where there are more than 4,000 participants, especially families with children; a ride of 17.4 km for charity in name of outdoor sports and the rediscovery of places around the lake with start and finish in the center of Puos d'Alpago.

Opening days and accessibility

You can reach Lake Santa Croce from the north of Belluno, following the signposts for Alpago.


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