Lake Stua

Lake Stua is perfectly immersed in one of the most beautiful valleys of Feltre, the Canzoi valley. You can reach this valley following the foothill road on the outskirts of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park between Feltre and Cesiomaggiore. Reached the town of Soranzen, the road unwinds along the Caorame stream's course that runs through the Caorame valley.

Immediately after the bridge that leads to the right bank of the Caorame stream, you can admire some typical rural buildings and in the locality of Orsera you can stop at the information point of the Park. Continuing along the road, you will reach Lake Stua, a large hydroelectric reservoir that collects the water coming down from the northern part of the Canzoi valley. Magnificent environmental area which is backdrop to some of the most beautiful paths around the surrounding mountains, this lake was created after the construction of the dam (54.3 m wide and 32.4 m high) which was built between 1952 and 1953 for the production of hydroelectric power.

Passed by Lake Stua, along a walkway on the left bank the Caorame stream, you can admire an amazing landscaper featuring roaring waters of the river and a beautiful forest of pines and hardwoods.

Opening days and accessibility

You can reach Lake Stua from the main road linking Feltre and Cesiomaggiore and then entering the Canzoi valley in the town of Soranzen.

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