Lake Vedana

Lake Vedana, in the municipality of Sospirolo, is located at the mouth of the Cordevole stream's valley that continues northwards to Agordo and southwards joining the Piave river just a few kilometers far. This small lake is included in the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park and is surrounded by the Monti del Sole mountains and the Piz Vedana peak.

This is the perfect place to walk or bike ride in the nature: a mysterious site that tells a story almost forgotten. In fact it is said that on January 7, 1114 there was a violent earthquake that caused a devastating landslide of Mount Peron, burying the two cities of Cornia and Cordova. According to legend, this was the divine punishment of the sins of those inhabitants.

Since 1000 along the Cordevole valley passed by many travelers, merchants and pilgrims that from the northern lands came down to the lagoon of Venice. At the hospices of San Bartolomeo in Agre near Agordo, San Giacomo in Candaten near Mas di Sedico and San Marco in Vedana, they found assistance and hospitality along their journey. The hospice of Vedana was probably the most important one along with San Gottardo with its church still existing today. From the fifteenth century with the arrival of the Carthusian order and the construction of the magnificent Certosa di Vedana (charter house), which stands between the lake and the mountains, the area was characterized by an intense religious life and successful agricultural activity managed in part by the monks.


Lake Vedana features a great variety of local flora among which the water lily which offers an incredible sight during its flowering, and the Schoenoplectus lacustris with its very dark green hollow trunks, even two meters high which grows along the shores.

In the lake there are also amphibians like common toads, mountain frogs, tree frogs, newts and many birds that take shelter among the reeds. In particular you can see herons, mallards and moorhens.

Opening days and accessibility

You can reach lake Vedana from the road that connects Mis di Sospirolo to Ponte Mas di Sedico, north of Belluno towards Agordo.

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