Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park

The southernmost area of the Dolomites is part of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park: an environment featuring natural treasures of inestimable value, ready to be discovered. These mountains, with their quiet beauty have enchanted Dino Buzzati, writer, journalist and artist from Belluno, that defined them in one of his writings “enigmatic, intimate secret (…) touching for the stories they tell, for the air of bygone times, for the loneliness comparable to that of deserts”.

The Vette Feltrine peaks and Mount Serva, overlooking the town of Belluno, were already very famous for their flora since the eighteenth century. The presence of rare species and of a great variety of environments is due to the geographical location of the park, situated on the edge of the south eastern Alps. The variety of landscapes offered by these mountains is particularly striking during summer time, when the rolling plateaus and grassy peaks transform into a profusion of colors due to the flourishing blooms. The Moretti's Campanula flower is the most striking of all, so much so that it has become the symbol of the Park. The Monti del Sole mountains are the most wild and mysterious heart of the Belluno Dolomites and boast spectacles of incredible beauty such as the Soffia Waterfalls and the extraordinary Cadini del Brenton. The geological and geomorphological phenomena are a true attraction for visitors, such as the characteristic “potholes” of the Brenton stream and the “cirques” of the Vette Feltrine, traces of ancient glaciers which have now disappeared.

In spite of the untouched wild character of these mountains, historical sites are also present. The ancient complex of the “Certosa di Vedana” (charter house), near the lake bearing the same name, is one of the most important monuments of the Belluno province and it is still home of a small community of nuns. Worth of note are also the Valley Imperina Mines, an ancient mining center which for centuries characterized the economy of the Agordo area

Inside the park there are the Mis and La Stua artificial lakes. The park covers the territories of 15 municipalities : Belluno, Cesiomaggiore, Feltre, Forno di Zoldo, Gosaldo, La Valle Agordina, Longarone, Pedavena, Ponte nelle Alpi, Rivamonte Agordino, Santa Giustina, San Gregorio nelle Alpi, Sedico, Sospirolo and Sovramonte.


You can visit freely the park throughout the year.


Piazzale Zancanaro, 1
32032 Feltre

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