Nature reserve of Mount Faverghera

The reserve is situated on the north eastern side of Mount Faverghera that is part of the Veneto Prealps chains in the Nevegal ski resort (municipality of Belluno). The soil is calcareous and the type of land is karst, characterized by sinkholes, caves and wells.

The climate is influenced by the proximity of the sea, which affects humidity, and by its position which features significant temperature ranges, wind and sudden weather changes.
All these particular elements determine an interesting diversity of natural habitats which is an important condition for the development and permanence of a heterogeneous flora and fauna.


  • In the wide meadows: Campanula bushy, Flax Leaved Bellflower, Saxifrage, Wallrue, Kernera;
  • numerous species of orchids;
  • in the sinkholes: arnica, Stemless gentian and heather;
  • on the rocks: Snowcap Arabis, pederota;
  • in the pastures: urtica dioica (common nettle), aconite, vetrarum album (white hellebore), alpine ragwort;
  • in the lower part of the Reserve there are bushes of large-leaved willows, Waldstein's willows and hairy rhododendron (Rhododendron hirsutum);
  • woods of larch, birch and spruce.


  • black grouse, wood grouse, rock partridge, black woodpecker;
  • birds of prey such as kestrels, buzzards, black kites, goshawks and pigmy owls;
  • mammals such as foxes, voles (or water rat), field mice, shrews. Worth of note, the presence of the uncommon ermine along with deer and hare;
  • the humid depressions of the pastures are inhabited by red frogs and toads;
  • among reptiles you can find blindworms, water snakes and asps;
  • other animals that live underground: ground beetles found in the karst cave called “Hole of the Botanical Garden”.

Point of interests

The Botanical Garden of the Eastern Alps, included in the Nature Reserve of Mount Faverghera in the Nevegal ski resort, covers an area between 1,400 and 1,600 m of altitude and offers to all nature lovers the chance to discover the large variety of plants and flowers that grow on the Belluno mountains is a pristine environment.
Founded in 1950, today the garden in managed by the State Forestry Corps Department and is open from June to September. There are also guided tours upon reservation.


The reserve is freely visitable throughout the year.

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