Regional Forest Val Montina

Val Montina is the first alpine wilderness area of European importance, located in the municipality of Perarolo di Cadore and currently managed by Veneto Agriculture.
It is an unspoiled area where nature presents itself unchanged, wild and rich in biodiversity. A natural heritage, defined in fact SCI (Site of Community Importance) and SPA (Special Protection Area), particularly important for the province, which keeps inside plant and animal species not seen elsewhere.

A rugged valley that you can achieve through limited access roads and abandoned by man from the end of Nineteenth Century. Bounded by the rocky cliffs of Mount Durano to the west and the Cima dei Frati in the east, the Val Montina is crossed by the river, from Ru de Tia, from Ru de Black Forest and the Forest of Ru Bèlo, tributaries that descend from the homonymous valleys.

An earthly paradise which houses high species of animals including the golden eagle, the capercaillie, the goshawk or even the deer, the marmot, the ibex. In addition, the Val Montina, thanks to the typical alpine micro climate not affected by pollution and by man, presents exclusive endemic species of this area, such as Campanula morettiana, the Papaver rhaeticum, or "glacial reptiles", plants usually living in the Arctic area and preserved until today.
Among rocks and streams there is a rich vegetation, ranging from mugo, in higher regions, larch, fir and pine to the valley: a show of chrome that make a truly amazing picture.

The best way to access the Val Montina is taking the path from the hamlet of Macchietto down along the Piave. A dirt road that soon leads to the Casera Val Montina, from where a path starts to skirt the valley way to reach the wildest part.

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