Somadida controlled Nature Reserve

The Somadida controlled Nature Reserve is one of the 130 places under state protection, located in the northern part of the province, including Auronzo di Cadore and Misurina, near Palus San Marco and right of Ansiei stream.
The total area of this natural paradise is well 1676 hectares and extends between a generally flat area in the valley and the Dolomite and limestone rocks of Marmarole and Sorapis, more in proportion to the north, between a minimum altitude of 1100 m a.s.l. and maximum 2970 m a.s.l., which culminates with the Vanedel peak (central Marmarole).

The most interesting area is the reserve formed by the extensive forest of spruce, fir and beech that grows up to 1400 m a.s.l., also famous for the historical events that characterized it.
In 1493, in fact, the Magnificent Community of Cadore donated this forest to the Serenissima Republic to the use of timber, which exploited until 1797 when it passed instead under French rule until 1814, then to the Lombardy-dependent Austrian Empire. Since 1886, when Veneto returned to be part of the Kingdom of Italy, the Somadida forest became part of the Patrimony of the State and in 1972 was officially established the Nature Reserve.

While the flat area consists mainly of a thick forest vegetation, as you go up in altitude spruce gives way to larch and mugo, flora typical of a more rigid alpine climate.
The entire area is also crossed by some rivers, steep streams broken by rapid slopes, most of them temporary. Some of these small streams spill then in Rio di San Vito or Albio, while others are scattered in the ground of Palus San Marco and then come together in dell'Ansiei waters.

As for the wildlife that populates the Somadida Reserve, there are mostly found chamois, roe deer, deer, squirrels, dormice, foxes, stoats but also birds of prey such as golden eagles, peregrine falcons, goshawks, buzzards, the 'tawny owl, the owl, the capercaillie and grouse... a list of wild animals typical of an alpine environment that affects a large part of the province.

There are many marked trails dedicated to both beginners and families for a quiet walk in nature, but also for more experienced hikers and mountaineers who want to go up to the mountain peaks.

Point of interests

The Wood Library
Near the Visitor Center, just a few meters from the entrance of Somadida controlled Nature Reserve, it was created a library that keeps books, manuals and illustrations focusing on the theme of nature, forest, myths and legends that affect not only this natural area but also the most extended Dolomite territory.
An original way to bring the public closer to nature through a deeper knowledge of the area, also ideal for enquiring hikers.

Visitor center
At about 300 meters from the entrance to the Nature Reserve, in the "Three Sisters", a Visitor Centre including an Ecological Center it was built, in order to bring the public closer to the knowledge of the dolomitic nature.

Butterfly Garden
Within the reserve it has been created a special area, where you can observe several species of butterflies typical of this area, through the introduction of shrubs and herbaceous plants suitable for the insect population, which keeps inside a grouping lepidoptera, typical alpine environment.

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