State-Owned Cansiglio Forest

The ancient Forest of the Doges of the Republic of Venice is one of the most important natural resources of the Veneto region and surrounds the Cansiglio plateau divided between the provinces of Belluno (municipalities of Tambre and Farra d'Alpago), Treviso and Pordenone in which is inserted the Campo di Mezzo – Pian Parrocchia Biogenetic Nature Reserve. Situated between 1000 m of the plateau and 2250 m of Mount Cavallo, this natural lung, stretches over 7,000 hectares of forests of beech, fir and spruce fir and is part of the SIC areas (Site of Community Interest) and is a ZPS (Special Protected Zone), included in the “Natura 2000” network and therefore enjoys of a special protectionist system that limits and controls the timber cutting.

Cansiglio is a wide basin covered with a meadow of natural origin due to the particular climatic conditions that have also influenced the entire flora. If you are lucky, you can see a grouse and deers that have found home in this state property. If the day is clear, from the top of Mount Cavallo you can see the Lagoon of Venice.

Point of interests

The G. Lorenzoni Botanical Garden offers a rich catalog of the flora of the Cansiglio Forest and allows you to see the first blooms and the leaves of the famous beech which characterizes the forest. Designed in 1972 by G. Lorenzoni, Professor at the University of Padua and inspector of the Forestry Corps Department, the Botanical Garden was opened in 1995 and is located in the Cansiglio Plateau.
Today there are almost 1,000 species of plants collected in the Cansiglio and Col Nudo Mount Cavallo areas which offer visitors the chance to observe the characteristics and enjoy the beauty of this unique flora. You can also study the various aspects of flora in their complex ecological relationships and at the same time visit a place featuring unique and local species. The garden is enriched with educational panels with photos and descriptions of the most representative environments and an area of geomorphological interest. The Garden is managed by Veneto Agriculture and has a visitors center which offers educational tours for schools and groups.
Here are two museums which are interesting to discover the history and wildlife of the Forest:
The “G. Zanardo” Ecological Museum in Pian Cansiglio that displays naturalistic exhibits which describe the life inside the forest with dioramas and stuffed animals, managed by the State Forestry Department;
The MUC – “Anna Vieceli” Regional Museum of Cansiglio Population - Ethnographical and Cimbrian Culture Center – located in Pian Osteria which describes the human life in Cansiglio from prehistoric times up to the present, with particular attention to the history of German-speaking Cimbri population arrived in Cansiglio in the 18th century called by the Repubblic of Venice to work timber. They came from the Asiago plateau and settled in some villages in Cansiglio that can still be visited today. The museum is managed by Veneto Agriculture in collaboration with the Cimbri of Cansiglio Cultural Association.


The forest can be visited all year round.

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