Urban salons

Beautifully dominated by majestic cathedrals of rock as the Dolomites, the towns and cities of the province of Belluno feature charming historic centers of great artistic and architectural interest: real urban salons.

Places where history and local culture blend with everyday life, where you can admire magnificent palaces, churches, gardens, maybe comfortably sitting in one of the many cafés, sipping a real Italian coffee.

Corso Italia Corso Italia The pulsating heart of Cortina is not exactly on the main square and it is not identifiable in any of the small squares of the center, but in all the streets and alleys where there are churches, museums, art galleries and of course the boutiques Piazza Tiziano Piazza Tiziano Pieve di Cadore Piazza Tiziano is a real timeless gem, gathered around the statue of the famous painter and bounded by the Palace of the Magnificent Community of Cadore, it is a beautiful model of art and history Piazza della Libertà Piazza della Libertà Agordo, ancient inhabited village, is considered an urban living room of the province. Its old town gathers around the Broi opening on Piazza della Libertà where overlook rich testimonies of art and history Piazza dei Martiri Square Piazza dei Martiri Square Belluno The urban salon of Belluno is Piazza dei Martiri, featuring historical cafés, palaces of noble families of the city, the twentieth-century gardens, the Church of St. Rocco, the Theatre and the famous walks along the “listòn” Piazza Papa Luciani Square Piazza Papa Luciani Square Mel The center of Mel, awarded with “Bandiera Arancione” (Orange Flag) by the Italian Touring Club for excellency in tourism, features Piazza Papa Luciani square overlooked by ancient buildings and by the Church of St. Maria Annunziata and the sixteenth-century building that houses the municipality offices Piazza Maggiore Square Piazza Maggiore Square Feltre In the center of the walls of Feltre is situated Piazza Maggiore square, overlooked by noble palaces and by the ancient “Palazzo della Ragione” (Reason Palace) with the Theatre “de la Sena” dominated by Alboino's Castle
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