Corso Italia

Cortina d'Ampezzo, recognized internationally as "Queen of the Dolomites" for the beauty of its landscapes and the tourist prestige that has built, is the the most famous mountain resort appreciated both in summer and winter.

Cortina's heart beats not exactly on the main square, which in any case can not be identified in any of the small squares of the centre, but in all the streets and alleys where there are churches, museums, art galleries and, of course, boutiques that have made the town at the foot of the Crystal one of the shopping capitals.

Corso Italia is certainly the most important of these lines, elegant pedestrian area, and centre of Ampezzo social life and of the glittering "stroll" of the international jet set. In Corso Italia stands the parish church, which from 2011 has been declared a minor basilica and which has been dedicated to Saints Philip and James (erected in the eighteenth century on the site where there was already a first century church then replaced by a sixteenth century one), with its distinctive bell tower of the green roof. Behind the church, there is the Ciasa de ra Regoles (Rules House), now the Museum of Modern Art Mario Rimoldi (the other museums of the Rules: the Ethnographic Museum "Regole d'Ampezzo" and the Palaeontological Museum "Rinaldo Zardini" are instead hosted at the Alexander Girardi Hall not far from the centre). In Corso Italy we also find the frescoed palace Comun Vecio, now the headquarters of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, in addition to historic hotels of the valley.

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