Piazza della Libertà

Capital of Agordino, Agordo is a residential complex of ancient origin (it is assumed origins dating back to pre-Roman times), who lived a long period of prosperity, especially during the rule of Venice, as a centre of trade and especially thanks to the blossoming of ' mining activities in Imperina Valley mines.

The historic centre of the town gathers around the Broi, a large grassy area right in the center of the town, whose entrance is guarded by a stone fountain topped by a beautiful lion march in testimony of the Venetian government, and that opens onto Piazza Freedom.

And 'here, on the main square, facing, among other historical buildings, the archdeacon church with its two towers (whose current form is 1852, while the first sacred building, Romanesque, was the twelfth century) , the villa-Crotta de 'Manzoni (the northernmost of the Venetian Villas, built between the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century), and the characteristic arcades where there are coffee space, entertainment and shopping.

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