Piazza Papa Luciani Square

Mel lies on a hill on the left bank of the Piave river, in the middle of Valbelluna. In 2003 the town was awarded with “Bandiera Arancione” (Orange Flag) by the Italian Touring Club for excellency in tourism.

The main square of this ancient town is Piazza Papa Luciani, dedicated to John Paul I, who before becoming pope was bishop of the Diocese of Vittorio Veneto, to which Mel belongs. This magnificent “urban salon” is overlooked by buildings of different ages that enrich the charm of the town. The numerous palaces, built since the sixteenth century, create a harmonious setting, making this urban space a cozy lounge where you can walk with your eyes wide open.

The square is overlooked, starting from the left side, by the Town Hall, built around 1510 featuring a clock tower. Inside the palace is frescoed with episodes of the Orlando Furioso painted by Marco da Mel in 1545, a few years after the first edition of Ariosto's epic poem.

Nearby rises Palazzo delle Contesse (Countesses Palace), so named because the old owner got married twice with two countesses. The building is today an important cultural center, featuring interesting exhibitions and the Archaeological Museum that displays findings of the Paleoventian necropolis discovered in 1958 near Mel. The sixteenth-century Casa Francescon, once fully decorated with frescoes attributed to the painter Pomponio Amalteo of which few traces remain, is situated to the left of the monumental parish church, rebuilt in the nineteenth century and internally frescoed by Giovanni De Min from Belluno.

To the right of the church you can admire the ancient church of the Addolorata, a jewel built in its current form at the end of the fifteenth century in which are held many art treasures.

Then there is the eighteenth-century Palazzo Fulcis, now Guarnieri – Da Canal, which hides a large courtyard that houses the “Mele a Mel” autumn event , featuring numerous exhibitors of local food products.

The seventeenth-century Casa Fulcis, now Zadra, closes the square on the right and leads to the ancient Locanda Cappello, one of the historical Italian inns, dating back to the XVII century and that traditionally hosted the Austrian warrant officer Radetzky.

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Piazza Papa Luciani
32026 Mel

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