Piazza Tiziano

To the north of the province, not far from Lake of Centro Cadore and surrounded by the beautiful Dolomite peaks, lies Pieve di Cadore, an important town and magnificent example of art and great historical importance, that has always been the "capital" of Cadore.

Its square is a real timeless gem, gathered around the statue of the painter Tiziano Vecellio, famous son of Cadore, and bounded by the Palace of the Magnificent Community of Cadore with the civic tower (XV century, rebuilt in the sixteenth), the archdeacon church of Santa Maria Nascente (rebuilt in the eighteenth century) - which houses, among other valuable works of art, a "Madonna and Child" by Titian - and the ancient residences that witness the long years of peace and prosperity that characterized Cadore under the government of Venice.

Nearby it is possible to visit Tiziano Vecellio's birthplace, declared a national monument, and the Eyeglass Museum. The Palace of the Magnificent Community of Cadore, which is the ancient  and still active administrative body, lodges the Archaeological Museum Cadorino where the most remote history of this area is the protagonist of educational panels, documents and artefacts found right in between these mountains.

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