Villa Sandi

Villa Sandi is clearly visible arriving to the village of Paderno for its grandeur due to its two side towers that adorn the facade.
The date of construction is uncertain, but the structure may have been built around the sixteenth century and probably was the oldest and original mansion of the Sandi noble family, which later moved to Maràs di Sospirolo.

The small brackets that support the cornice, the ashlar decorations of the corners, the horizontal bands that mark the floors of the buildings and the absence of the tympanum help to date the villa to the sixteenth century.
The uniqueness of the structure featuring two square towers at the sides makes it look like a castle in miniature.

Outdoor spaces

The outbuildings of the Villa flank the small courtyard that faces Paderno, a small village which preserves many examples of Belluno's rural architecture.


The villa is privately owned and is visible from the street.


Via dei Castelli San Gregorio nelle Alpi loc. Paderno

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