Alpago valley
Casa Museo dell'Alchimista (archivio Consorzio Alpago Cansiglio)

Surrounded by the Belluno Prealps, the Alpago valley is a succession of enchanting meadows, woods and slopes between Lake Santa Croce and the Cansiglio wood, up to the rugged and jagged rocky crown of the Cavallo, Col Nando and Dolada mountains. And the Dolomites towards Valbelluna.

In recent decades, museums have become privileged places for interpretation, representation and enhancement of the cultural, historical and natural aspects of the territory, to which local communities recognize sense and identity values. Alpago is a land that can be told and explained through its various museums: from nature in its various aspects to the Ecological Museum, the Naturalistic Oasis, the Ichthyological Center and the Natural History Museum. The art and the fascinating world of alchemy unveiled and explained in the sixteenth-century Alchemist House Museum. The traditions and history of the Cimbrian community and the human presence from Prehistory at the Museum of Man in Cansiglio. History through the Roman and pre-Roman archaeological excavations of Curago and Pian de la Gnela and the war events from the Great War to the most recent conflicts in the Military History Museum.

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