Auronzo Misurina
Auronzo di Cadore (PH Paolo Pais De Libera, archivio Consorzio Tre Cime Dolomiti)

The snow. The magic of winter. The most beautiful mountains in the world. The best way to enjoy all of this are the slippers. A tool that offers the opportunity to enjoy the mountain in an alternative way, without frenzy. A tool that to discover unusual views, little beaten roads, little known corners of the forest. Auronzo and its territory offer a lot for lovers of excursions with snowshoes.

A nice hike is the one that leads to the refuge City of Carpi (2,110 meters). The main route, which is on a beaten track and can be completed approximately four hours, is the one that climbs from Val Marzon and reaches the refuge through the Cason de la Crosera and Val d’Onge. But the refuge can also be reached by going up from Misurina and passing through the refuge Col de Varda (altitude 2.115), or going up from Federavecchia. From here you can also start an easier hike, the one that leads to Malga Maraia (altitude 1,696 meters).

About two hours is an excursion that offers beautiful views, three hundred and sixty degrees. It is the one that from Misurina rises to 2,205 meters of Monte Piana. You can easily climb on the beaten track and when you get to the Bosi refuge the effort is rewarded by a scenery that takes your breath away.

Lake Antorno is the starting point for the route that leads to the 2,320 meters of the Auronzo refuge. Also in this case we proceed on a beaten track. The indicative time to complete the route is two and a half hours. From the refuge Auronzo you can continue by making the Tour of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo, ring route of medium-low difficulty and duration of about three hours.
Another beautiful excursion, in the Marmarole area, is the one that climbs from Auronzo, touches Monte Agudo and from here, through a well-evident track (sent. 271 and 1262) even in winter reaches Pian dei Buoi and the Ciareido refuge.  Instead of Monte Agudo, you can also climb to the beautiful Val Da Rin.

The itineraries, designed for snowshoeing, can also be crossed by ski hikers.

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