Val Belluna

Belluno, the bright city (from Celtic “Belodunum”), was so called by the Celts for its strategic position from where it overlooks the valley and the river routes. The city, with its colors, does not disappoint even in the cold season. Walking downtown across the parks located throughout the center, or stopping, in the heart of the city, and admire a sunset on the river Piave in a fairy tale scenery, both with the warm colors of Autumn and in the cold Winter days, is as good as the cover foliage of  London or New York parks. Furthermore, you just have to lengthen a bit your itinerary to find out, a stone’s throw from the center, the bordering areas surrounded by woods that, even with the cold winter temperatures, can be the perfect scenery for an outdoors afternoon. A livable city like Belluno allows you to go for an open air walk without moving too much from the city center.

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