Mondeval: non solo sci (archivio I.A.T. San Vito di Cadore, PH Sabrina Boldrin)

Cadore offers plenty of trails to follow in snow shoes (“ciaspe”), delighting in the perfect peace of the landscape. The palaeontologic site of Pelmetto (Mount Pelmo) where it is possible to see the famous “dinosaur’s prints” probably left more than 230 million years ago.

The archaeological site of Mondeval, between Mount Pelmo and the “Lastoi de Formìn” where the burial site of a Mesolithic hunter was unearthed in 1985. The skeleton of the “Man of Mondeval”, who lived about 7,500 years ago, was found under a boulder with all his personal effects. The remains of the Wall of Giau (on the road from Pocol to Passo Giau, San Vito di Cadore). This imposing wall dating back to the 18th century was built in San Vito by orders of the commissaries of the Republic of Venice and Hapsburg Empire to solve boundary controversies. From Cibiana di Cadore, the village of the Murales, you cannot miss the hike to Monte Rite and the Messner Mountain Museum, the “Museum in the Clouds” or “Dolomites”, set up in a fort of the WW1. Once at the top you can enjoy a spectacular 360 degree view of the Boite and Cadore Valleys and the surrounding peaks, including Monte Civetta, Pelmo, Antelao, Sorapiss, Marmarole, Sasso Lungo, etc.

From Lake Antorno to Monte Piana, a symbolic place of the Great War, you can reach an open-air museum immersed in a wonderful landscape with the Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Cadini di Misurina in the foreground. Along the historical path, you can visit the positions where the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies fought each other for 29 months, with 14,000 fallen. Along the theater of war, on both fronts, the trenches, the craters caused by the bombs are still evident and you can see the remains of barracks and a field kitchen.

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