Fiorentina Valley
Val Fiorentina (ph Studio 100Hz)

The day is wonderful, the snow has plenty fallen and now the sun make it sparkle as if it were made of precious stones. This is the perfect day for cross-country skiing! We leave in the locality of Peronaz, where we also find the equipment rental. The Nordic ski center offers four loops of ski tracks with different length and difficulty, as well as several variants that meander through the woods and the marvellous surrounding landscape. All the ski runs allow practicing both techniques of cross-country skiing: freestyle and classic.

Today we opt for freestyle technique. We rent the skating skis and we get ready to face the middle-difficulty run, following the panoramic loop.  After a first warm-up lap on the plain, we quickly skate to discover the woods. A long downhill guides us in the middle of the amazing snowy fir forest. Here we meet a stealthy fox that stops and observes us with curiosity. Just the time for taking a picture and we move on.  At the end of the downhill, we reach the sunniest part of the track.

We pass though a small wooden bridge and we take a short break enjoying the sunshine and the gurgle of the stream. Moving forward, the track changes and the false floor leads us to one of the several variants. However, we decide to follow the standard run. We have reached the half-way stage by now and the difficulty increases. In fact, the track climbs up, but we find an excuse to stop and take a breath: this is one of the places where nature shows us all its majesty.

The offered show is the massive and austere Mount Pelmo: we feel really small compared with it! We enjoy the moment before facing the last uphill stretch. Finally, we reach the starting point, where we restore with a hot drink at the refuge. The day has come to an end, leaving us satisfied with the itinerary and delighted by such a wonder that, for a couple of hours, let us immerse in the silence of the truest nature.

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