Ice cream passion
Un'altra meravigliosa giornata in Val di Zoldo

Do you know which product the Val di Zoldo it’s known for?’s ice cream!! Homemade, with fresh and genuine products, carefully selected and wisely combined by expert ice cream makers. Milk, eggs and sugar meet cocoa, vanilla beans or fresh fruit, perfectly measured to create a delicious dessert. This nourishing and tasty snack with rich but natural flavours is perfect even during winter time.

You look through the frozen-up window, the first sunrays shining on fresh snow…Pelmo and Civetta face each other, all dressed up with their winter charm… It’s the start of another beautiful day in Val di Zoldo! If you’re looking forward to tying your ski boots and putting your skis or snowboard on for an adventurous descent, Ski Civetta is there waiting for you, with its many beautiful slopes. But that’s not all…when talking about winter activities in this Valley there’s a wide choice available. You can either test your skills and try ski mountaineering, while facing the rocky Dolomites’ peaks, or you opt for something a little bit more relaxing, like a snowshoe walk, surrounded by wild nature, or a night ice skating with friends. Is Nordic Ski in fact your big passion? Then Val di Zoldo is perfect also for you, with its wide choice of long and well beaten routes, some more hard than others, but all framed by a beautiful winter landscape. And if one morning you wake up with the desire to experience something new, why not try the Biathlon? In Palafavera, you’ll always find someone at the shooting range to welcome you and to guide you through the activity, helping you discover the sport.

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