The Agordina Valley
La valle di San Lucano (Ufficio Turistico di Agordo, PH Moreno Geremetta)

The Agordina Valley is a great place to spend winter, discover the magical winter scenery of the Dolomites on a walk with snow shoes or explore the many meandering footpaths in and around the area. San Lucano Valley at the base of mount Agner offers numerous footpaths to explore. The scenery is stunning and, if you are lucky, you might witness one of the incredible hoarfrosts, forming crystals on the trees and leaving a sparkling blanket of frosty white across the valley.

Forcella Aurine is a small ski area just 13 km from Agordo. Suitable for families and beginners it is easily accessible. A few nights a week, the ski runs are lit up to provide an exciting alternative to daytime skiing.
During the winter, the mountain refuges, in the Agordo area, are open at the weekend. You can reach them on foot or with Alpine Skis; however it is recommended that you hire a local guide.

On 5 January Since time immemorial, small bonfires have been lit around the Agordo area to celebrate Epiphany.
The bonfires, or “Pavaroi / Pavarui” are traditionally lit to bring good luck for the New Year. Pagan in its origins, it was said that you could predict how the year, the weather and the harvest would fair by watching the direction of the flames and sparks. A fire, which burnt quickly, with smoke rising straight up, meant a good year would be had. A fire, which didn’t burn well, with smoke, which stayed low, was ominous. Whilst the fires were being lit it was tradition to sing, however only some of the songs are remembered today. Thanks to the Club Alpino Italiano, which lights “Paveroi” on the mountain peaks, which surround Agordo, the tradition lives on.

On the green, in the center of Agordo, a larger bonfire is lit and the streetlights are turned off. People gather to warm themselves around the bonfire with a glass of vin brulè, and to watch the magical spectacle of the “Paveroi” flickering on the surrounding peaks. In some other villages, the tradition is also carried out, for example in Cencenighe, and on Mount Pelsa. In the Dolomites, the old and the new merge into one. Many ancient traditions are continued today and considered an important part of mountain culture.

The lighting of the”Paveroi” is a unique tradition, one not to be missed. It is the perfect start to the New Year, bringing magic and joy to all who participate.

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