The Alpago - Cansiglio cuisine
Agnello dell'Alpago (archivio Consorzio Alpago Cansiglio)

Surrounded by the Belluno Prealps, the Alpago valley is a succession of enchanting meadows, woods and slopes between Lake Santa Croce and the Cansiglio wood, up to the rugged and jagged rocky crown of the Cavallo, Col Nando and Dolada mountains. And the Dolomites towards Valbelluna.

A Valley with a history of renowned tradition and gastronomic offer, a real organic oasis, which boasts, among others, two Michelin-starred restaurants: the Dolada and the Locanda San Lorenzo. But also numerous farmhouse frequently managed by the family-level, with their own production of cheeses, ricotta and butter. For all the hosts of these mountains, after having tasted its products, it is impossible to get back without having stocked its up!

It is an historical place for sheep farming, a land where agricultural activity has developed respecting the environment and tradition with animals bred according to natural rhythms and fed with food exclusively from organic cultivation. Typical dish is the tender meat of the Alpago Lamb, which boasts the recognition of the Slow Food Presidium. It goes perfectly with poor traditional local dishes such as patora, corn and legume soup, or bagozia, a sort of polenta made with potatoes, corn, legumes and even salami and bacon. A cuisine in balance between great tradition (often imported by nannies who emigrated and returned) and gastronomic innovation, accompained for some years by the recovery of historical viticultural traditions. More and more are the small producers (gathered in an association) who plant resistant vines, without the use of chemicals, with a philosophy linked to the purity of the environment. We obtain the Bronner white wine with an intense and harmonious bouquet, the white Solaris ideal for aperitifs and fish risotto, the red Cabernet Cortis with scents of blackberries, raspberries and undergrowth.

With a delicate and refined flavor, we cannot fail to taste the famous “Mame d’Alpago”, an agro-ecotype of bean mainly in the form of dried grain; they have the excellent attitude to be used in delicious bean creams. Once they were even exported along the Piave to Venice and then embarked for Cadiz and Lisbon and beyond. And finally, how not to mention the tasty “sciosele”, the small snails that are part of the Venetian tradition: in Lamosano, one of the five municipalities of the Alpago, every year in August, on the day of San Lorenzo, a festival is organized to taste its.

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