Val Comelico: total white for a special winter
Val Comelico

“The air is suffused with white; the land is white; snow on snow...”. This is the winter as imagined by a great Italian poet, Giovanni Pascolo. This is winter in Val Comelico, a vision which conjures up the absolute: in this forested valley winter is like a voice which makes the beauty of this internationally unique landscape heard at every instant. It’s impossible not to be won over by the valley’s white expanses, by the snowy peaks of the Popera massif in the heart of the Dolomites, impossible not to feel embraced by the magic of the Val Comelico winter tourism season with the thrill of ice climbing, downhill skiing, Nordic skiing, dog sledding and also snowshoe walks on the snow, night time torch-lit processions and, above all, warm hospitality in every village - Danta, Comelico Superiore, San Nicolò, San Pietro, Santo Stefano - in holiday properties, hotels, B&Bs and the great many bars and restaurants offering the area’s culinary specialities and local products every day.

A snow holiday in Val Comelico is not only a journey in discovery of an internationally unique place for its mountains, forests and snowy expanses, it is, first and foremost, a thrill or, as Henry Miller used to say “a new way of seeing things”. Looking at winter as an encounter with the pristine nature of a valley whose bond with its history and traditions is a profound one, as is its defence of the area, offering visitors an absolutely unforgettable snow stay.

This is the discovering new horizons secret. And winter is not just sport but also fun and traditions with many village carnivals and processions such as Maski da béla e da vécia (the beauty and old people masks) featuring Lakè, Matazìn and Paiàzu, charismatic carnival characters, in the midst of music, dance and culinary delights. One-of-a-kind moments for a special winter in the area’s total white for both adults and children, a home from home.

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