Val di Zoldo
Notte magica in Val di Zoldo

The stars appear timid aside the full moon. The giant dolomitic stones, full of candid snow, embrace and cradle the Val di Zoldo in this cold winter night. The moon shines on the white trees and emanates a special glow…what a fabulous atmosphere!

Headlamp on, boots well tied, snowshoes on, rackets in the hands…and here we are, ready to go! The forest opens up in front of us, mysterious and silent, the only sound we hear is that of fresh snow as we ski over it. The stars, shy at first, are now shiny and look like a million fireflies in a warm summer night…this sky is so beautiful, it makes everyone smile, even those less romantically inclined. Mount Pelmo, with its imposing size and regal elegance, keeps us company while we walk in our snowshoes, amazed by how surprising nature can be sometimes. While we start to feel tired, the warm light of the lodge appears ahead of us…the warmth of an alpine hut in a cold winter evening is so amazing. The smell of food, entering, is mouthwatering...a plate of homemade “casonziei” and a glass of good wine while chatting with friends: what a perfect moment. Bells are ringing in the distance, it’s time to head back home…we put the snowshoes back on and we jump into the cold night, framed by the immense beauty that heaven and mountains give us when they meet during those frosty winter moments.

Mount Civetta looks lovingly at its slopes, illuminated by sparkling lights. Foppe and Cristelin greet each other across the Pian del Crep, and descend quickly and with elegance, collecting in a hug at the bottom, close to the departure of the cable car. Skiers run down the illuminated slopes, fast and happy, a snowboarder sprints towards his group of friends, collecting unforgettable emotions and memories.

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